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Women's Treatment Services


The Women’s Group is designed to address the needs of women using supportive techniques to help clients feel at ease in discussing their personal experiences. There are two halves to the group, the first of which focuses primarily on parenting issues and family stressors, and the second half which focuses on topics, including, but not limited to self-esteem and abuse.

The group generally consists of between three and ten women who consistently attend the group as part of a Women’s Group recommendation or to make up a missed Intensive Outpatient Program session. Childcare is provided.

Expressive techniques are used to assist in identifying and working through different interpersonal relationship issues. In addition, clients learn skills to resist drug use and improve coping and problem-solving capabilities. Clients are also encouraged to attend 12-Step and self-help programs.


  • To eliminate drug use and maintain abstinence
  • To increase self-esteem
  • To promote and support healthy living physically, mentally and spiritually
  • To address the emotional needs of the client system within a safe and supportive environment


  • Women and addiction
  • Self-esteem, feelings and emotions
  • Parenting
  • Abuse issues
  • Problem-solving and coping



  • Handouts, pens
  • Videos
  • Healthy foods and beverages