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Group Therapy


These services include a diverse range of groups to address the varied needs of our client population.  Groups currently offered include:

Early Education – For individuals who have recently begun to experience problems related to their use of substances
Relapse Prevention – For individuals with longer histories of addiction and three months of recovery
Women’s Treatment – Gender-specific topics are addressed
Adolescent Treatment – For individuals ages 13 through 18
Co-Occurring Disorders Group – For clients with mental health diagnoses concurrent with their substance abuse diagnosis. 

Most groups meet once per week, at times convenient to the participants. All clients attending group services are also assigned to an individual counselor; a minimum of monthly counseling is included in each client’s treatment.

Anger Management Group

For clients with or without substance use disorders who have difficulty with control over anger or who have experienced negative consequences of angry behavior. This group runs for fourteen weeks and covers topics appropriate

Admission Criteria/Process/Fees

Candidates can self-refer to this program or can be referred through various sources. Initial contact should be made with the Counselor on Call at (908)722-1232 X3026.  Some basic information will be taken and information about the programs will be provided. 

Clients may apply for sliding scale fees; full fees are $50 for intake, $50 per individual session. $30 per group.  Assessments are provided at $85.