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IDRC stands for the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center.  After a driver in the state of New Jersey obtains two “driving while intoxicated” or “driving under the influence” charges they are required by law to attend a 48 hour program in Passaic County on the dangers and repercussions of drinking and driving.  They are then required to attend a 16 week long IDRC Program.  Often a driver may be required to complete the program after only one conviction due to circumstances of arrest or blood alcohol level.  Often, regardless of the number of prior offenses, drivers are unable to obtain their license again until after successful completion of a program.  Somerset Treatment Services is one of several IDRC program providers in the state of New Jersey.

Clients are asked to attend a minimum of eight Alcoholic Anonymous meetings during the course of their 16-week long program and attend weekly meetings at our facility.  Each IDRC meeting is one hour long and covers issues related to drinking and driving, substance abuse and mental health.  Every month, IDRC group members are given a random urine screen and alcohol swab.  As long as their random urine screens and alcohol swabs are returning negative for all illicit substance and they have completed their group sessions and Alcoholic Anonymous meets, their will be successfully discharged after 16 weeks.  If the results return positive, group sessions are increased and the level of care is reevaluated

The materials that are used in IDRC Group include: handouts, pens and videos

The group sessions consist of didactic lecture material, therapeutically oriented discussions and review of 12-Step material.  Below are topics that are discussed throughout the 16-week IDRC Program.

IDRC Group Topics 

  • Use, Abuse, Addiction
  • Drinking: Frequency, amount, setting, purpose
  • Self-esteem and hoe it impacts substance use
  • Introduction AA history and how it works
  • Attendance at AA meetings
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Driving violations and the legal system
  • Steps One, Two and Three
  • HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Education
  • Shame and DWI violations
  • Stress and Step Eleven
  • Alcohol vs. other drugs
  • Drugs in the legal system
  • Co-dependency
  • Support systems
  • Dry drunk vs. sobriety
  • Relapse