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Strengthening Families Program


This family prevention program was developed to appropriately address the needs of high- risk families, particularly targeting Children Of Substance Abusers, with children aged 6-11 or10-14. STS utilizes the evidence-based Prevention Education tool, the Strengthening Families Program (SFP), focusing on both the children and the parents, to improve the family relationships and management. 

  • Three separate components are offered during each session.  The first hour entails two separate sessions, with expert facilitators providing age-specific prevention information to the children and parents. The second hour brings parents and children back together for the Family Skills Training, to apply the skills they have learned in their respective group sessions.
  • A meal is provided to the families at the beginning of the session
  • Childcare is provided and Graduation ceremonies and some incentives are included in the program

Admission Criteria/Process/Fees

Candidates can self-refer to this program or can be referred through various sources, such as schools, DYFS, social service agencies, probation, etc. Initial contact should be made with Prevention Specialist, Joanna Yealu at (908) 722-1232 X3013.  Some basic information will be taken and information about the group sessions, including dates, will be provided.  The Prevention Specialist will then follow through with enrollment of the family in the next Strengthening Families Program session.

There are no fees charged for these services.