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How can I find out more about your services? 

To address your specific needs, please call our agency between the hours of 9 and 4:30 Monday through Friday (except for holidays) at (908) 722-1232 and ask the operator for the “Counselor on Call”. If you know the service for which you are seeking information, please see our list of specific contacts under the “How to Contact Us” section.

What services do you provide?

The types of services we offer include Substance Use Disorder assessments, individual counseling, various group services (Adolescent, Co-occurring Disorders, Early Intervention, Relapse Prevention,  Women’s Treatment), Anger Management services,
Intensive Outpatient Program services, various HIV services,  IDRC (Intoxicated Driver Resource Center) services, psychiatric care, Opioid Treatment Program (methadone and buprenorphine ) services, and prevention services. We also work with Drug Court.  Please refer to our service descriptions for more information on specific programs.

Do I need to be referred for your services?

No, anyone may call to inquire about our services, although a perspective client needs to contact us personally to schedule an appointment with us.

How do I begin the process of getting into your services?  How long will that take?

You can contact the “Counselor on Call” through the agency operator and fill out a one-page screening form over the phone. A counselor will then call you back within 1-2 days to schedule an intake appointment with you; this appointment would generally be scheduled  within one week.

What are your fees?

Our fees vary according to the type of service provided (individual counseling, group counseling, methadone services, etc.). Please see the fee schedule for specific rates.  All agency fees are very reasonable in comparison to standard rates for similar services. Some programs are offered at no cost to the participants (e.g., HIV services, Pathways to Parenting for opiate-addicted mothers involved with DYFS), Strengthening Families Program fees).

What if I can’t afford your fees?

Our services are offered on a sliding fee scale basis so we will make every effort to accommodate your needs, within reason. You will be expected to bring in proof of income if you are seeking reduced fees. No fees are charged for our HIV services or prevention services.  We do accept Medicaid (some plans) and Work First New Jersey Substance Abuse Initiative (SAI) payments.  Additionally, clients who are eligible for DUII funding (for IDRC services) or Drug Court pay no agency fees.

How do I qualify for special funding sources, like SAI, DUII, Pathways to Parenting?

The eligibility for these programs varies but your counselor can assist you in determining the funding for which you may be eligible and provide information on how to apply.

What if someone finds out that I go to you for help?

Our services are strictly confidential, according to both HIPAA and the federal confidentiality guidelines for substance abuse treatment services. We cannot reveal any information about your treatment without written authorization, except in some specific emergencies.

How do I know that your agency provides quality care?

Quality of care is extremely important to Somerset Treatment Services. We are a state-licensed, United Way-certified agency, with a nationally accredited Opioid Treatment Program. The agency has a highly competent staff, comprised of master’s level clinicians, the majority of whom are also licensed addictions counselors. Moreover, our medical director has extensive experience in addictions work, our nurses are RN’s with addictions treatment experience, and our psychiatrist is experienced in addictions work.

Do you offer methadone for pain management?

No, methadone is utilized at our facility for opiate addiction only, not for pain management.  We would recommend that someone with that medical need seek pain management-specific services to address that need.

How can I get my loved one into your services?

You can always call for information regarding our services for your loved one but the potential client must call us directly to ask for help.  There are no mechanisms for forcing someone to enroll in our services.  We do have monthly family groups and can refer you to family support groups to assist you in dealing with the difficult issues of addressing the drug or alcohol-related problems of a loved one.

What if I have a psychiatric problem-can I still come to your program?

We do have a psychiatrist on staff, who is available to meet with any of our clients with psychiatric needs.  Only clients admitted to our programs may utilize this service. Should your needs exceed our services, our staff would make referrals to a more appropriate level of care.